January 18, 2020 - 7:45 pm

We welcome back Intrada Brass Ensemble after their successful Christmas visit in 2017. A considerable amount of Intrada’s repertoire is arranged by members of the ensemble, which means that Intrada will always have something new, though they don't neglect any of their old favourites. The band is known for playing a wide range of light music through to classical pieces.

Music Through the Ages

From the earliest brass music, c.1500s through to today, arrangements and original compositions of all genres of music, some serious, some less so! Music by:

Giovanni Gabrieli
Tielman Susato
Goerge Frederic Handel
Antonín Dvořák

“The Intrada Brass Ensemble…is a high-class mix of established and freelance professionals. Their stylistic boundaries have been gradually expanded to include jazz, pop, original works for ten-piece brass ensemble and arrangements of staple classics. The choice of music is eclectic, but all the more entertaining for its…ebullient spirit and stylistic perception.”
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