December 7, 2019 - 7:45 pm

Directed by Belinda Sykes, this rebellious London-based medieval/folk ensemble pushes, and often transcends, the limits of what is thought of as early music and embodies the boldness and improvisatory chutzpah that gets straight to the heart of medieval music.

Joglaresa comprises outstanding classical, world, folk and jazz musicians - a sound that is at once traditional and contemporary - combining intoxicating elements of Medieval, Middle Eastern and Celtic music. The group have performed at festivals and on radio broadcasts around the world creating music that is both extrovert and intimate.

“Sing We Yule”
Medieval, Folk and Traditional Songs for Yuletide.
Carols, lullabies, dance tunes and wassails.

Celebrate Yule effervescently and chase out the chill from the Celtic fringes of Europe – with traditional carols and wassails from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. With medieval fidel, harp, bells, bagpipes and voices, Joglaresa will ring in Christmas and New Year.

Joglaresa's imaginative use of improvisation creates an exciting air of authenticity... compulsive rhythmic energy... luxuriantly ornamental solos…"
The Telegraph